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Latest News:
16/4/18 - New Game: DREAM III: The Tournament
14/4/18 - New Game: DREAM II: Desert Dream

13/4/18 - New Game: Transfer Administrator.

12/4/18 - I'm back with a new artwork! By the way, there were 3 made in march.

19/3/18 - Another new game: UFO Hong Kong. Game Number 50!

16/3/18 - New Game: Rum V: Attack of the Killer Freaks 3D. And a new interview, this time with Durdge-O

9/3/18 - Escape from the Cemetery Bathroom is out!

4/3/18 - Bathroom games are back! Escape from the Bathroom: Migraine is ready for download!

25/2/18 - I fixed a lethal glitch in Rum IV. Sorry for inconvenience! Don't forget to visit gallery for new artworks, by the way. I made 2 this month!
22/2/18 - A new music album, Mutation Constipation. Enjoy!
20/2/18 - Rum IV: A lot of good stuff in that game, play it now!

13/2/18 - ACiD 3D 2: Cybertechno Electronic is out!

9/2/18 - Attack of the Demon VS The Lord of the Man of the South. A new game, reminds me of a game i made last year - Galaxa.
7/2/18 - New Game: Meat Factory Solution

26/1/18 - "Fuck Thermometer" - another new game. It's quite short, but fun. Features classic handdrawn graphics.
23/1/18 - "Bathroom Gang Bang 3" has finally arrived!
20/1/18 - "Dad's Driving License" is here! I worked hard on it, it has handdrawn graphics, enjoy.
10/1/18 - Special Delivery Series began, as i released "Revenge of the Pizza".
1/1/18 - "Escape from the Bathroom of the Evil Dentist V" is out. Also "Headdache 100,5" and "TPEC 2013" are finally back and ready for download.

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